A bit dusty (private trip in Sweden - North of Helsingborg ).

Above is our "RV" a Swedish SMV 12 Lux 1965 after "Elwood" - home again after a succes www.viking-run.dk 2002 !

Bryllupskørsel / weddings / Movie etc - just call +45 2081 1111

Dressed for Bryllupskørsel - weddingdrive - Cadillac Fleetwood Eldorado Convertible 1964 ( Biarritz model - series 6367 )

My sons: Nicolai Lau H. and Matias Tue H. with frind Mads E-N. (summer 2000) :

Some photos from my engine resturation - spring & summer 2000 - machining & balancing done by www.MMR.nu in Sweden (Malmø) :

429 Cu.Inch. = 7,02 Litter - V8 with 340 HP and nearly 680 Nm in torque :

More S.O.A.P. photo's ( recorded oct 2000 in Copenhagen ) :

ELWOOD - Lined up in local "Yact" harbour in North Copenhagen !

Here you get a couple of photo's of the mother to all US Cars from the Fift´ies ( 50's ) to today :

Cadillac's future car shown for public at the 1953 Motorama Car Show in NY :

This Cadillac automobile tilted the whole world in 1953 - same year Cadillac introduced the "Eldorado" with

same windshield and Chevrolet introduced the first Corvette in Glasfiber - but except for these cars - the rest of the world

had to wait for things likevise until approx. 1958-1959 - where most cars came out in low profile - wide fast and comfortable.

Check these lines - these are OUT OF THIS WORLD - and for most the quality have never been copied !

Want more - l@@k down on the first aluminia alloy whells - which have runned approx. 9500 miles in 50 years !

"The Cyclone" behind "The Le Mans"

And here is Cadillac's "The Cyclone" also a driven Future Car but now from the 1959 world car shows :

"The Cyclone" has an uniqe drivetrain - gearbox 6 speed is behind rearwheels and exhaust comes out in front fenders....

"The Cyclone" is the real BOYDs and BILLET killer - just 40 years before they where born !

"The Cyclone" is the father to the 1961 and 1962 dual fin design as seen above......

"The Cyclone" and the "Le Mans" was a gift from GM Cadillac Division - to all car and automobile lowers globevise, if these had not been build - your car would not have looked like the one you have today !

Note in adition to the design these 2 above cars have all possible options you can put into a car today in year 2002 - except for eletronic's and air bag and ABS brakes - but living in the fast lane - who cares

Shown is the ONE OFF Special 1953 CADILLAC ROASTER - made by and for and STILL OWNED by Harley EARL's familly - ENJOY :

In the year 1953 - the first Eldorado came on the road - Build 312 units - today the most wanted 50's collectable classic - here is some photo's from the Cadillac 100 years celebration - hold in Detroit aug 5th- 12th 2002 - there where 3 of them

From Florida - resturation by Harbour Resturation and the sister is as far as i do remember from Canada - the interioer is the Canadien.

PHOTOs can be copied by mentioning photo from links of JannickHalben: www.nor-pro.dk/C.htm - that's fair ?

Time to start working, but let end the show with some ART DEKO from Cadillac Lasalle 1934's :


2 photos from the 1953 Flowercar who was actor in "The Goodfather" movie back in the 80'ies !

A brilliat Cadillac Eldorado 1954 on the way back to Florida from a nice 100 years celebration week hosted by

The Cadillac Lasalle Club Inc. and supported by GM Cadillac Division in Detroit aug 2002 :

have fun..and if you need more photo's taken by me - from the Cadillac Lasalle Grand nat. 100 year in Detroit aug 2002 - then
clik this link for 88 more photo's ----> www.6364Cadillac.com ...